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Wed, Feb. 23rd, 2005, 01:07 pm

All right, little brother...

Ask me a question - anything about me or my life - and I will give you an honest answer. I'm going to change this year's quiz a bit and allow any sort of question, though if it's completely tasteless and asked only for the shock factor rather than a genuine enquiry, I reserve the right to not answer.

Thu, Jan. 13th, 2005, 12:56 am

Little Brother-

Happy birthday, Quatre (if a little late).

Love, Iria

Fri, Dec. 24th, 2004, 07:21 pm

I have sent each of my nieces and nephews their yearly gift certificates from Aunt Iria, and my sisters and their spouses have received their own (with notable exceptions).

I'm on the way to Cathy's for Christmas. I cannot wait to see the look on Quatre's face. He and Trowa get to have Christmas with their Sisters. How much fun is that?

Wed, Dec. 8th, 2004, 12:42 pm

{Filtered for Hilde}

It's called putrescine. It's a ptomaine produced by decaying animal tissue. Its chemical composition is NH2(CH2)4NH2. I have a bottle of it in the lab downstairs, but it's locked up because it gets into everything and smell (obviously) horrible.

You want to borrow some for what purpose?

Tue, Nov. 16th, 2004, 11:39 am

I have never, in my life, been so glad to get rid of a patient. Not that Duo isn't a thoroughly charming (and occasionally cheeky) patient, but he had to get out of here for my sanity and Heero's well-being. If he's well enough to pinch my behind, he is well enough for Heero to get him out of this facility and take him straight home.

For once, however, I have to thank the Joint Commission. As it just so happens, someone lodged a complaint against the manufacturer of some of our supplies - specifically the blood draw materials - stating that the needles are defective and some of the tubes are contaminated.

Oh *no*. How awful. It's a shame Duo's not here to redraw all of that bloodwork. Oh well.

I kept the samples and articles Wufei stole found for me, and I'll be reviewing them for my own personal satisfaction. Call it a professional challenge.

Oops! Must get dressed. Dinner out with a friend.

Fri, Nov. 12th, 2004, 11:28 am

Ah, home alone with a cup of tea... and a stack of medical journals a mile high.

*reaches for the latest Lancet and gets down to business*

Thu, Nov. 11th, 2004, 12:52 pm

And on a completely unrelated note...

Abdul: thank you for the flowers.
Jadziah: thank you for the jewelry.
Malikah and Aaliah: thank you for the sweater. (I love that shade of blue!)
Other Sibs, In-Laws, Nieces, Nephews, and the Magunacs: Thank you for the cards and emails and so forth.
Relena, Hilde, Cathy, and Lu: Stop smirking. I'll use the gift certificate soon enough. Thank you!
My Fantastic Staff: CAKE! I LOVE CAKE! But... did you have to use ALL thirty-seven candles?
Quatre and Trowa: You're both in the doghouse until one of you checks your CALENDAR.

*offers a slice of her birthday cake to everyone*

Thu, Nov. 11th, 2004, 11:59 am

[filtered from untrusted individuals]

All right, little brother, I've slept. Are you happy now? I'm also wired to the gills on that putrid concoction Lucrezia calls coffee. How she can drink that horrible stuff and still function is beyond me.

I fell asleep over Duo's lab reports, and Abdul took me home to sleep. Originally, Duo was brought in by the paramedics with knife wounds and an uncontrolled hemothorax. It took forever to get a chest tube in, but once we did, it relieved a lot of the pressure on his lungs. The major problem was the bleeding. One problem we had was that he originally came in on a backboard, and I needed him upright to assess the severity of his bleeding. I think that's the part where Heero went berserk. I tried to explain that if he remains lying down, the accumulated blood simply collects in the posterior aspect of his pleural space and it won't give me a good picture of his condition's severity. Because the wounds were small, there was very little external bleeding, but the internal bleeding was severe. Before I could do anything, I had to get pictures of his abdomen to rule out intra-abdominal injury, since the aspect of the wounds tended to be downward. The xrays all came back negative for associated trauma. We got him into trauma surgery and stitched up, but he'd lost a lot of blood, mostly into his lungs.

L4 is an odd place as far as donating blood and organs. Although we don't have a very focused population like we did when my father was a child, there is still a problem getting blood products in emergencies. We tested everyone, but only Heero has the correct blood type. (In following research, Heero has a rare blood type for both his racial and genetic configuration; I must look into it when I have more time.) We filtered it, but there was still a reaction to the transfusion: although it was classified as nonhemolytic, I have no idea yet what the Hell it was. His fever spiked severely after the first ten minutes and we had to stop the blood immediately. Whatever damange was there had been done. Duo seized for several hours, and I gave him everything I could lay hands on: Haloperidol, Chlorpramazine, and finally a healthy dose of Stresnil at IV push every few minutes. He stopped seizing, and we had to give him time to settle down before I could do anything else.

Heero and I had words in the hallway. He understands my position, and I his. I refuse to say any more about the matter.

When Duo's bloodwork came back following the first round of treatment, it was shocking. I've never seen protein structures quite like that, and the configuration of the individual structures was unfathomable. I sent a specimen down to our lab, but after thinking it over, I asked Wufei to go and steal it back. I don't want it out of my hands, at least not until I find out what I put into Duo's blood stream.

He's on universal precautions, which does not improve his mood. He has been a remarkably good patient, mostly because he is too weak to argue with me or any of my nurses. All of his neurochecks have been hypersensitive, and it's unnerving. I've got to figure out what is going on here.

Lucrezia and Wufei made calls to the Preventers, and there have been no inquiries into Duo's condition. No official briefings have been required, other than a brief statement I was required to make by the medical director stating that Duo had been injured by a random criminal on the street and was experiencing complications due to his injuries. Quatre and I discussed what information should be shared with the Preventers as far as the 'truth' behind Duo's condition. Quatre and Heero have discussed it at length, and we've informed Lucrezia as far as what she should include in her report.

And as far as the falsified 'next of kin' information? Well, neither Heero and Duo have noticed, and I'm not going to point it out to them. They don't seem to be all that upset about it in practical use. My license will handle any arguments to the contrary.

Sun, Oct. 31st, 2004, 09:46 pm
Trick or Treat

How the Hell did I get stuck working on Halloween? Oh, right. I volunteered so that I wouldn't have to follow any of my ridiculous nieces and nephews around while they get enough candy to hype up a small nation.

Oh, wait. They ARE a small nation.

And the fun's already begun. I get Trauma tonight, which just makes me want to scream. Almost all of our medical patients tonight will be idiotic diabetics porking down candy, little kids eating too much candy, parents eating too much candy, teenagers drinking too much or wearing too much and getting overheated, and on and on and on.

Trauma will be little children hit by cars, parents hit by cars, people getting mugged in the dark, teenagers who've gone to parties and have done stupid things to themselves and others, and all of the horrible bloody things that should not happen on a fun holiday.

I am so cynical about my work.

Sat, Oct. 9th, 2004, 08:55 am
Sibling Rivalry

My sisters are all insane. You'd think Ayalah would get the message that I don't have time to go over her latest spectacular break-up because, well, I WORK. No, she called me at work, interrupted a procedure, and called me insensitive because I didn't have time to listen to her. She has twenty-nine other siblings to choose from; why me? I have got to see about getting an unlisted number.

On a better note, the UESA Health Panel has made all of their updates electronic as of October 1. Thank goodness, because lugging five reams of paper around was getting on my nerves. Paperless society, my ass.